Dr Harry Agius

Course Director for BSc Visual Effects and Motion Graphics | Specialisms: Web Development, Digital Games, Digital Futures

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Student projects supervised by Dr Harry Agius


Steve Cockett

Director of Teaching | Specialisms: VFX, Compositing, Match Moving, Effects Animation, Post-Production

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Student projects supervised by Steve Cockett


Paul Butler

Lecturer in Business for the Creative Industries | Specialisms: Creative Industries, Networking, Design Theory

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Student projects supervised by Paul Butler


Wolf Winter

Lecturer in Motion Graphics | Specialisms: Motion Graphics, Animation

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Student projects supervised by Wolf Winter


Professor Marios Angelides

FYP Co-ordinator | Specialisms: Digital Games, Data Modelling

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Student projects supervised by Professor Marios Angelides


Professor John Cosmas

Course Director for MSc Advanced Multimedia Design and 3D Technologies | Specialisms: 3D Graphics, Virtual and Augmented Reality

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Student projects supervised by Professor John Cosmas


Alan Mannion

Lecturer in Digital Design | Specialisms: Web Design, Graphics, Video Production, Sound Production, Mobile Design

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Student projects supervised by Alan Mannion


Rakesh Mohun

Lecturer & Studio Manager | Specialisms: Motion Graphics, Film, Media Aesthetics, Sound Production

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Student projects supervised by Rakesh Mohun


Dr Rafiq Swash

Lecturer in Digital Design and 3D Technologies | Specialisms: Web Development, Interaction, 3D Imaging

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Student projects supervised by Dr Rafiq Swash


Fred Weimer

Lecturer in 3D Modelling and Animation | Specialisms: CGI, Rigging, Motion Capture, Photography, Animation

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Student projects supervised by Fred Weimer